Using a combination of vocal methods, my teaching involves a strong emphasis on vocal health, strengthening foundation skills, and making music enjoyable for life long learning. I firmly believe in the benefits of starting from the ground up and allowing the voice to develop in a supported and nurturing environment.

Lessons involve focus on breathing, support, posture, tone creation, range, blending between registers, endurance and control. I talk to my students about the need to "workout” consistently in order to build up vocal strength and stamina. Singing students are provided with opportunities to work with accompanists and theatre professionals during the year.

All students regardless of age, experience, style and level are tutored in the following:

  • healthy technique
  • aural skills
  • sight reading
  • musical interpretation
  • general knowledge
  • performance

Singers will be informed about upcoming auditions, AMEB examinations, Eisteddfod's and other performance opportunities. TC Vocal students regularly invited to perform in concerts and corporate events. 

Understanding the relationship between the body and the voice is one of the main points of focus for a long and healthy singing career. A singer of any voice type and style will gain an enormous benefit from an understanding of this relationship and the strong and healthy basis it provides. Once learned, these skills can then be applied to any song or genre that a singer would like to sing, from opera to pop and everything in-between.